Keep in touch!

The Forest Garden has been closed for over a month now and we are really missing everyone.

We’ve been keeping in touch with our regular volunteers on our Facebook page. We’ve set up a YouTube channel and have been producing videos for everyone who misses being there in person. We love hearing from you – keep those stories coming. Lianne has made a brilliant film of a tense stand-off between a cat and a fox. Luke and Aida have posted photos of their gardening progress; and we’ve got a great video from the boys at the Heights!

The Garden is looking great at the moment and is now in full-scale food production mode for The Bevy’s Meals on Wheels scheme. Daisy is co-ordinating this, Pat and Warren are volunteering and some of our trustees are helping out by doing the watering.

Jo and Carly are both cooking at BACA, and Jo has posted handy garlic tips on our new YouTube channel. Still on a garlic theme, Daisy talks about the wild variety up at the Forest Garden, which is rampant at the moment!

Trustee Rachel managed to do a quick Slow Worm count while she was on watering duty, and Pat found a slow worm doing her morning yoga.


Hope everyone is keeping well. Looking forward to seeing you again soon, and don’t forget to keep in touch with us on FaceBook, Twitter (@mfgwp) and Instagram.

Best wishes, Susie

Chair of Trustees

29 April 2020