How many teenagers would give up their free time to volunteer in the pouring rain? Move a tonne of wood up our steep slope for our shed rebuild? Saw up wood and pot up basil plants? Help us prepare curry for lunch? (one of them even washed up one handed despite injuring his hand!).
10 youngsters came to do a days work as part of the Sussex YMCA National Citizenship Scheme for 16 to 17 year old’s to learn new outdoor skills, make new friends and help out their communities.
And what a fantastic crew who got stuck in without complaining despite the torrential rain.
If they knock at your workplace asking for a job or apprenticeship give them a chance!
And if any of them fancy getting some experience to put on your CV they know where the allotment gate is. Cheers!

Archie, Sam, Ross, Chris, April, Becka, Jordan, Liam and Toni (not in that order!)