Photography Day at the Forest Garden!

On friday 13th we did a photography workshop at the forest garden. Volunteers took part in learning how to use a digital camera and photograph parts of the garden that they liked the most. Some volunteers were really familiar with the garden and some were completely new!

This was a great way to get together and look at the garden from a different point of view, using our cameras to do it.
The photographs were taken with compact digital cameras and after a word game we came up with eighteen words that reminded us most of the forest garden. Then we went off in pairs and took a photograph of each of the words we had thought of. After we had printed the photos it was great to go though and see the different things each volunteer had picked out and photographed even though we all had the same list of words.
Here are some samples of what we did…
Top by Eloise bottom by Freddie
Top by Archie bottom by Zak
Top by Lucy bottom by David
Top by Reese Bottom by Karl
A selection of photographs will be exhibited at the garden on the open day, 4th June.